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International Marketing

We offer comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions to help businesses expand their reach, engage with diverse audiences, and succeed in the global marketplace.

International marketing involves many different components. Improper positioning of the marketing strategy can cause foreign investors to waste time, effort, and money.

In international marketing, another important area of analysis is to properly and sufficiently analyze competitors.

Evolving technology and ease of market access are factors that affect market balance and competitiveness in densely populated countries.

Teamwork is essential in determining a marketing strategy that can be established through a good analysis of competition and advertising regulations. QANAQ provides brand strategy and product and service marketing consultancy services, in addition to fundamental topics, to companies that offer product and service marketing and want to enter foreign markets, with the ease of access to the market due to developing technology and large populations affecting market balance and competitiveness.

A company entering a foreign country for the first time should be aware of certain issues regardless of its business activities. In addition, the country's relationship with technology in the short and long term, population density, foreign financial power, legal regulations, the meanings and values consumers or target customers attribute to similar products and services, and other such factors should be carefully evaluated.

Understanding the customer's trade history is important while providing international marketing consultancy services, as different recommendations and strategies are developed depending on the country and its trade rules.

There is a difference between the brand value of a new company that becomes branded in a short time and the brand value of a company that has been developing its brand for many years around a certain know-how.

Firms without sufficient commercial experience are prone to taking risks when expanding to foreign markets without conducting proper research. On the other hand, firms with a long commercial history must conduct serious research before entering foreign markets to stay aware of changes and developments in the industry and adapt to changing consumer needs.

Our company strictly prohibits the copying or reproduction of the international marketing strategy report, which involves a serious and in-depth analysis tailored to each country and product. It is against our company policies to use this report to generate income or profit.

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