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B2B & B2G Relations

We offer expert guidance and support to help businesses establish and strengthen their relationships with other businesses (B2B) and government entities (B2G), and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Business to Business

Selling products and services in foreign markets is a common goal for many manufacturers, especially for those producing niche products. However, achieving success in this area can be challenging without the support of international fairs and bilateral business meetings where buyers and sellers can connect. Therefore, it is crucial to organize these events and bring together participants and visitors with the right topics, marketing strategies, and timing. In international trade, where even language and cultural differences can impact sales agreements, it is essential to have knowledge and understanding of the commercial traditions in the country where the transaction will take place, and to organize bilateral meetings that cater to the specific needs of the buyer or seller.


It is important that both parties are properly informed about each other before the date of the business meeting. At QANAQ, we bring together the necessary contractual parties, such as agents, distributors, and purchase-sale agreements, for our customers who meet certain conditions in the target markets in the countries where they need it.

In addition, we provide representation for our clients at international fairs and events upon their requests, and support them during bilateral business meetings.

In which country do you require B2B services?

For obtaining consultancy services on PPP and other investment models.

Business to Government

B2G meetings are important, especially for foreign investors aiming to make significant investments. Meeting with public officials in the foreign country where the investment will be made at the right time and through the right connections not only creates a trusted environment for the investor, but also contributes to expediting the investment. Qanaq has conducted numerous B2G activities in multiple countries to date.

Especially for foreign investors aiming to make high investments, B2G meetings are important. Meeting with government agency officials in the foreign country where the investment will be made, through the right connections at the right time, not only creates a trust environment for the investor but also contributes to accelerating the investment. At Qanaq, we have conducted numerous B2G activities in multiple countries, especially in infrastructure projects. Preparation of one-on-one meetings with government officials and ministers of the country where the investment will be made, representation of the investor in the meetings, ensuring that the corporate process between the parties is conducted in accordance with the laws during the meeting, and conveying the feedback to the investor correctly after the meeting are all vital for the investor.

B2G negotiations can involve government banks, municipalities, or other public institutions. The success of the B2G process, which is entirely directed according to the needs of the investor, can also depend on the investor's performance.

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