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Local Representative

Welcome to our local representative services, where we offer comprehensive support to businesses and individuals seeking to establish a local presence, navigate local regulations, and effectively engage with the local community.

Are you looking for a local representative in the international tender process?

A local representative is the most important need of any company that wants to do business and transactions abroad.


Companies usually send their local personnel employed in their own countries to foreign countries as representatives.


However, this causes the mistakes of the local staff who have a hard time adjusting to the difficulties in the foreign country.


It is known that professional companies that want to take quick action and take less risk have established a representative relationship in foreign countries with reliable people who have been involved in that business.


It is a great advantage for companies that the local representative is reliable in processes such as company establishment, document approval, site viewing, proposal preparation, price research, participating in the tender, controlling customs procedures.


As QANAQ, we guarantee to provide you with reliable representation service with our law office partners in every country.

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