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In our e-commerce consulting services, experienced consultants provide tailored solutions to help businesses leverage the power of digital platforms, maximize sales, and create exceptional customer experiences.

E-commerce structure is the target area of big companies wants to be established into foreign market and also it is target area for medium and small businesses.

Developing technology and logistics infrastructure has facilitated the export of products and services by making use of e-commerce routes of many medium-sized enterprises.


As QANAQ, we provide e-commerce consultancy and training services to small, medium and large-sized companies that want to expand to Africa, America, Europe and other countries with a large population.

Do you want to structure your e-commerce business in different country?

The legal regulations governing companies that want to do e-commerce in Europe and America or China are different from each other.

Professional consultancy services for businesses that want to invest in e-commerce in foreign countries, which are subject to different rules in the field of data protection as well as intellectual property rights protection, play an important role in the market success of the products.

In addition, marketing its products on the most suitable e-commerce service provider platform of the foreign country is the targeted result for every export company.

Each country has its own e-commerce market dynamics and it is important for foreign export companies to promote their products on the right platform by considering these dynamics.


As Qanaq, we provide consultancy services to foreign companies about the e-commerce platforms they will establish in foreign countries, starting from the field of intellectual property rights.

In addition, we research the most suitable platform for companies to export their products through e-commerce platforms in foreign countries and provide the necessary contract, preparation and logistics guidance services for them to sell on these platforms.


Do you have an e-commerce platform membership in a foreign country?

Our e-commerce expert partners are able to guide you to receive higher sales.

Another important issue after e-commerce platform memberships and private e-commerce platform establishment in a foreign country is the management of customer relations.

QANAQ, which has an experienced consultancy group on consumer rights, can provide consultancy services in the field of consumer law in 50 countries.

In addition to disputes arising from consumers, it is our mission to ensure that e-commerce platforms act in accordance with the mandatory rules in accordance with the personal data protection legislation.

We offer consultancy services for personal data protection disputes and if you want your website or e-commerce platform to comply with legal regulations.

We can represent your company in your bilateral relations with companies from which you buy or sell products in 63 countries in your import and export transactions through e-commerce.

Every company which operates e-sales can benefit from the service we offer, especially companies that carry out large amounts of transactions on e-commerce platforms.

We also increase the e-commerce sales potential of your company in the countries you specify.

We increase your dominance in the market by connecting you with domestic sales channels that can market your product on the e-commerce platform in foreign countries.

You can contact our company to solve your problems related to e-commerce payment channels or to carry out logistics operations processes.

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