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Financial Services

We offer a comprehensive range of expertise to help you manage your finances, achieve your financial goals, and secure your financial future in foreign regions.

International banking transactions direct financial resources in foreign countries.

The difficulties experienced by foreign investors in money transfers make it difficult to invest, especially in underdeveloped countries, and restrict their ability to compete in the foreign trade transactions Sunday.

Opening a bank account in a foreign country, proving the accuracy of the necessary documents, managing financial resources are among the issues that Decently need to be managed for local banks as well as for companies.

The lack of knowledge of many national bankers about international banking transactions can cause companies to be misled.

Accurate and reliable representation in foreign banks is critical in both letter of credit and project finance transactions.

The correct use of the legal regulations applied in international money transfers in the relations between the customer and the bank is one of the financial services we provide for our customers.

Managing banking transactions in countries where financial service rules are developed and stringent also requires professional experience.

QANAQ provides consultancy services on the establishment, management and organization of financial companies in countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland, where money transfers and banking transactions are subject to strict rules.

If you are looking for a finance solution from foreign finance corporations , contact us to schedule a meeting with our experts.

Corporate & Governance

-Accounting, Reporting & Audit Liaising

-Corporate Secretarial & Legal Support

-Bank account management & Payments

-Regulatory Compliance / KYC support

-Registered Office

-Incorporations & Liquidations

-Process Agent Services

-Capital Markets, Structured Finance &Escrows

-Trust Formation & Trustee Services


- Fund Administration

-Risk & Transparency

- Investors Services

-Tax reporting

-Financial & Regulatory Reporting

Bank & Financial

- Providing bank account services including operational, trading, deposit & research payment accounts

-Cash Management: range of options to place unencumbered cash, taking safety and capacity into account

- Credit Facilities

- Capital Solution

Fintech & Insurance

- Single point of entry for access to multiple bank relationships

-SWIFT connectivity supported across numerous message types

- Document management to support each payment and/or instruction template

Indepency: We are a independent service provider not aligned with an investment bank, software company nor an ancillary business to a larger institution, which may be subject to bureaucracy or conflicts of interest.

Ancillary Services

- Bank Account Opening Assistance

- Preparation an distribution of investor statements

- Capital Transactions

- Investment Portfolio

- Payroll Services

- Annual  Reporting

- VAT Declarations

- Analysis Report

- Management, Payment Hub, and Cash Management

Are you looking for money transaction solutions from Africa ?  

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