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Legal Advisory

Our experienced lawyer partners provide practical and tailored solutions to help you navigate complex legal challenges and achieve your desired outcomes with confidence.

QANAQ provides fast and effective consultancy services on legal issues needed by its clients with its partners, each of whom is an independent lawyer in their own country.

Investors who want to invest in a foreign country you need to pay the most attention from foreign investment and one of the issues the country is that they are correctly informed about the legal aspects of the sector for investment.

Contractors and engineering companies wishing to bid for the project abroad should be ensured to obtain the correct information about the tender, construction and contracts law of the country where the project will be carried out.

In addition to determining the conditions contained in the commodity purchase and sale contracts of import or export companies in accordance with the actual wills of the parties, it is imperative that the adverse situations that may occur during the fulfillment of the obligations assumed in the contract are also foreseen in detail.

Multinational corporate partnerships, real estate investments in foreign countries, banking transactions , public offerings, procedures, company formation and dissolution processes, customs disputes resulting from the collection, transport, insurance operations, contracts , tax exemptions and other legal issues for all sectors of consulting services is an integral part of the consulting services to be given full and complete. 

It is observed that the referrals made without knowing the general rules of international trade law are incomplete and erroneous.

It is another problem that contracts containing general and the same type of conditions do not comply with the event, do not solve the problems of the parties and unfortunately trigger a conflict between the parties decisively. 

The Decaying of the continuity in foreign trade, the commercial relationship between the importer and the exporter due to legal disputes may affect the result of damage for both parties.

Do you have a request for consultancy services related to the legislation of a foreign country?

Another problem that is most frequently encountered in foreign investments and customs procedures is taxation.


Prior and accurate notification of business and transactions that give rise to tax liability in offshore trade is a useful service for companies.

Do you have a tax dispute file in a foreign country?

Urgent measures need to be taken on the debtor's property and if a lawsuit has not yet been filed, 

If he has a receivable based on a bill of lading, invoice, written contract or other written document, but does not know how to collect his receivable, 

The company knows that it has rights due to its partnership, but if the rightful share of the annual dividend has not been paid,

If there is a debt record on this real estate despite having an immovable property in a foreign country, 
If he has a loan from a foreign state and wants to collect,

If he is a creditor due to the use of his right based on a trademark, patent or utility model, then, nIf the distributor or agent has not paid the pay due on time, 

While providing preliminary consultancy services about legal legislation abroad, QANAQ receives legal and legal consultancy services from its expert legal consultant partners by taking into account the needs of its clients.

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