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Contract Relations

We offer comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions to help businesses establish, manage and optimize their contract relationships, and ensure compliance, minimize risks, and achieve their desired outcomes.

The management of contract relationships consists of several stages for QANAQ. These stages are: pre-contract examination and research stage of the parties, pre-contract examination and research stage of the product or service subject to the contract, preparation of the contract strategy before the contract, contract negotiation process, preparation of the contract, implementation of the contract, supervision of the contract, prevention of disputes related to the contract, preservation of evidence to be used in contract-related disputes, friendly resolution of disputes arising from the contract, management of the dispute process, and liquidation and collection processes.

It is very important that the parties' real intentions are accurately and fully reflected in the contract they signed. Generally, most disputes arise from the fact that the parties' true intentions were not reflected correctly in the contract.

Another important issue is determining the applicable law in contract relationships that cover more than one country and identifying which dispute resolution methods the parties will choose in case of a dispute.

Contractual relationships are also important for subcontractors, franchisees, distributors or agents.

As QANAQ, we provide consultancy services to parties in the management of contractual relationships.

Managing letters of credit and other credit agreements between banks and parties is also important in import and export transactions. It is also possible to say that we provide contract relationship consultancy services to joint ventures and company partners. In particular, it is important to monitor whether the parties participating in public tenders by forming joint ventures in foreign countries act in accordance with the joint venture agreement and fulfill the obligations they undertake in the contract. In the execution of joint venture agreements, which are generally worth millions of dollars, if the parties fail to fulfill their responsibilities properly, unjust gains may be obtained in favor of the other party if such failures are not detected in time.

Are you in need of joint venture agreement consulting services abroad?

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