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Claims Solutions

We offer expert guidance and support to help businesses and individuals navigate the complex world of insurance claims, and secure fair and timely compensation for losses and damages.

As QANAQ, we provide our clients with consultancy services for insurance claims, legal claims, and other types of claims in various countries. However, the most important issue we always emphasize is the importance of receiving sufficient consultancy services before conducting any commercial transaction in a foreign country or before any dispute arises, as it can prevent many disputes from arising.

As QANAQ, we provide consultancy services on litigation, mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution methods through our independent legal consultants operating in the relevant country to our clients who are determined to operate commercially in a foreign country and encounter disputes after they arise. We also aim to prevent disputes by providing continuous consultancy services.

QANAQ provides consulting services for various types of disputes such as disputes arising from public procurement legislation, tax disputes, compensation claims, identification procedures, trademark and patent rights, disputes arising from banking transactions, disputes arising from real estate acquisition transactions, debt claims and enforcement requests, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures, insurance disputes, purchase and sale disputes, disputes arising from foreign investment law, customs disputes, and others.

We provide consultancy services to both company owners and company lawyers in disputes arising from different regulatory arrangements in different countries. We experience that the success of debt collection procedures and other legal processes carried out in coordination with the internal legal departments of companies we provide continuous consultancy services is much higher.

We provide dispute resolution consulting services, which are needed by almost every import and export company. When providing these services, if the parties do not want to end their long-term business relationship, we work with our clients to determine a dispute resolution strategy that is tailored to their needs, and we coordinate with them to create solution strategies in line with their requests during arbitration, legal, and enforcement processes.

We provide our clients with legal follow-up processes and dispute resolution solutions in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Pakistan, Turkey, the United States, Canada, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Florida, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Finland, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Malta, France, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Israel, Qatar, Lithuania, and other countries.

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