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Project Development

Welcome to our project development consultancy services, where our experienced consultants provide end-to-end guidance to help clients successfully plan, execute, and complete their projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

As QANAQ, we enable you to make comparisons between project opportunities in different locations with our international project development partners.

In order to start the project development process, there must be a specified need. What is the main reason that directs us to this project development activity? The second question to be asked after this question is: What do we want to achieve as a result of this project development activity? These two main questions explain us whether we spend time developing the right project. If there is another more efficient project for the customer to achieve the desired result and if it is suitable for the customer, spending time, effort and expense on a wrong project will also lower the morale of the project team. Every commercial business that pushes a merchant to earn money, to gain time or to gain experience is actually a project development activity in itself. In today's world, where we compete with time and realize that time is much more valuable than money, we would like to state that every initiative that will benefit the collective waste of time is considered a serious project.

How can you start the project development process?

It is very important to determine the risks that may be encountered during the project development process and to inform the stakeholders about this issue.

The majority of companies that want to develop projects abroad lose time, effort and money because they do not have the right analysis and foresight about the risks in the foreign country.

And the most interesting part is that most of them do not realize that they have lost time, effort or money, or they realize it later.

For example, for an entrepreneur who does not know that the investment of a solar energy project in Macedonia finances itself in a shorter time, it may seem useful to make the investment in Bulgaria.

It is very important for the business owner to receive services from a consultant who has extensive research opportunities about the project development activity.

Are you looking for a project development company?

Companies with high annual turnover also calculate the probability that the project development activity can be unsuccessful within the project development budgets they plan for each year.


But we are also aware that failure in the project development process does not only mean money lost.

It is better to separate project development activities according to business sectors. Project development activities should be carried out in different strategies for each sector. The project development activities of the construction sector proceed with a slightly heavier but safe process compared to other sectors.


While carrying out the project development activities of superstructure and infrastructure construction companies that want to undertake construction projects abroad, it is essential to examine the tender legislation of the target country in an accurate and detailed manner.


Otherwise, they may engage in erroneous project development activities or cooperate and therefore be barred from construction activity. Project management, on the other hand, is of great importance for a successfully developed project to achieve its intended result.


If you want to act with reliable people in project management after a successful project development activity, QANAQ supports you in project management with its internationally recognized management partners who are experts in their field.

Do you need a project management board for your project in abroad?

While providing our project management services, we ensure that our client operates in accordance with the legislation in a foreign country. For our client’s port operations, real estate investments, hospital design build-operate projects, energy ,installation and operation of the projects, construction projects, foreign trade , import and export processes and other relevant projects in the foreign country together with our partners, your project management team to prepare and submit for your approval.

We serve you in your projects in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Far East, South and North America continents.

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