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Company Establish Process & Mergers

We provide comprehensive support and expertise to help businesses navigate the complex processes of company formation, mergers and acquisitions, and ensure a smooth and successful transition.

QANAQ offers consultancy services for company formation to clients in more than 60 countries. To provide this service, QANAQ collaborates with reliable law firms in foreign countries and guides its clients with the help of professionals specialized in their respective fields. In many cases, investors choose unsuitable company models that are not aligned with their intended activities in a foreign country, which they eventually come to regret. A shrewd investor, however, recognizes the significance of selecting the appropriate company type for their intended activities in a foreign country.

Based on our experience, we understand that even small variations in trade and company laws across different countries can have significant implications for investors in the future. As the types of companies, establishments, taxation models, partnership structures, liquidation procedures, and bankruptcy requirements vary widely, even within the European Union, it is crucial for foreign investors to receive guidance from professionals who can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different company types in the short and long term. QANAQ provides consultancy services for company formation to its clients and prepares a detailed report by comparing various company models in foreign countries, assessing multiple factors such as the client's business activity, duration, capital plan, partnership structure, and business model, to determine the most suitable company models for their clients along with explanations for the rationale behind the selection.


Have you made a decision about the type of company you want to establish in a foreign country?

Private Investment Companies

Trusts and Foundations

Holdings and Subsidiaries

Private Trust Companies

Multinational Corporations

With our partner group in Luxembourg, our organization provides services to all entities within the portfolio through a centralized model with a single point of contact, or at the specific location, depending on the client's preference. This allows for seamless communication and efficient action. We have established a clear matrix for contacts, escalations, and additional service requests to ensure that our clients' needs are met in a timely and effective manner.


We provide consultancy services for company formation and management in Switzerland and London, similar to our partnership structure in Luxembourg.

You can learn more  about our company management, auditing, and financial services in other locations.

Based on our experience, a savvy entrepreneur who establishes a company in a foreign country should not solely focus on the initial capital or formation expenses. Instead, they should consider the regulations governing the company's partnership relations and the procedures for partners leaving the company. We have observed that successful companies are often able to meet the conditions for going public after a certain period of time, or alternatively, they may use other methods, such as a closed offer model, if they choose not to go public. Another option for raising capital is by transferring company shares to a limited number of partners. In these cases, it is crucial to appropriately regulate the conditions of partnership and the terms for exiting and being removed from the partnership.


Managers who cannot anticipate the reasons for disputes among partners can lead to unsuccessful company ventures and serious financial losses.

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