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We research licensed mining sites in Africa and developing countries for our clients.

Mining & Minerals

We research licensed mining sites in Africa and developing countries for our customers and carry out the establishment and investment processes for our customers in accordance with the legislation of the country where the mining site will be established.

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Are you searching for a licensed mining site in Africa?

QANAQ is among the companies preferred by many public institutions and private companies with its work in Africa.

Investments in mining fields and precious metals&minerals trading, which are especially advantageous for investors using USD and Euro, are the activities we provide only for our private clients.

The problem that foreign investors face the most in foreign mining investments is that they direct their investments in accordance with unreliable information and lose time.

In addition to the lack of technical capacity and machinery, many difficulties await the foreign investor, who has lost a lot of money due to misdirections before applying for a license or transferring a license right.

Our duty is to ensure that the rights of foreign investors are protected, to prevent them from losing money and time, to support them to invest in the right mineral product in the right country at the right time under the right conditions.

Would you like to know more about mining investment regulations in foreign countries?

What we do for you?

We inform all our customers that even laboratory test analysis results in underdeveloped countries may be incorrect.

For our clients before the mining investment decision is made:

- We re-measure all cadastral coordinates of the mine site, check the accuracy of the information contained in the license document.

- We submit a written and oral information report with our legal consultants on the rights and obligations related to the license. 

- We will guide you through the license and permission processes that need to be obtained for mining investment.

- If you have a mining investment idea, we will evaluate whether your idea is financially supportable.

If you are already operating a mining investment;

- We provide management consultancy services in the management of your mining investment company in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Middle East , Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Australia.

- We provide services in solving your receivables collection problems related to your mining investment by legal means.

- We manage the revenue and customs taxation policies of your mining company and manage the compliance process with the rules of prevention of double taxation.

-If there are payments that are deserved in accordance with the contracts and permits signed with the public authority in the invested country, we manage the collection and dispute processes of these payments.

What is your knowledge about mining investment ?

-We manage the processes of preparing employment contracts of workers working at the mine site, resolving disputes.

-We provide legal consultancy services to the parties within the scope of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, we direct them to our lawyer partners and ensure that they are represented at the hearings.

-We ensure that the necessary financial reports are prepared together with our partners, who are independent auditors, in the process of establishing a company and transferring annual income to another country, and we ensure that money transfers are successfully managed.

- We carry out the control of permits and documents of mineral products to be exported.

-We inform foreigners who want to become partners in mining enterprises about the partnership terms and represent their rights in the partnership when requested.

Do you want to become a partner in a mining enterprise?

The main countries where we provide legal consultancy services for mine workers and employer companies working in:

- United Kingdom

- Sweden

- Turkiye

- Canada

- Uganda 

- Poland

- Brazil

- South Africa

- Azerbaijan

- Pakistan

- Australia

- Italy

- Serbia

- Germany

- Ghana

- Netherlands

- Macedonia

- Nigeria

- Morocco

- Florida/USA

It is important to protect the rights of foreign workers working in foreign mining operating companies and to take occupational health and safety measures in accordance with the legislation of the country where the mining site is located.

It has often been observed that mine workers who go to work in a foreign country with the promise of a high salary  soon suffer from adaptation problems to the workplace and return to their country.

One of the reasons for this situation is that the company that mediates in finding a job for the employee has not provided the correct information to the employee. 

Another reason is that the employee's working environment does not meet his expectations. 

Safety measures are not taken, salaries are not paid on time, salary and additional payments outside the contract to be in violation of workplace standards and because of other legal reasons we provide legal consultancy services with our legal advisors and local law firms.

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