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Specification Advisory

Our experienced consultants offer expert guidance and support to help businesses navigate the complex world of product and service specifications, ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations, and optimize their offerings to meet the needs of their target markets.

We provide a service for companies wishing to bid on tenders in foreign countries, but who may have difficulty fully understanding the terms and conditions of the tender documents. In this service, we examine the criteria in the tender documents and provide information to the customer according to their needs and questions.

Based on our experience so far, we have observed that many foreign companies fail in foreign countries due to erroneous strategies and bidding on wrong tenders, even if they have achieved technical success in their fields. They may feel nervous and inexperienced when bidding on a tender in a new country where they are unfamiliar with the regulations, language, and commercial customs. They plan at least a 2-3 year period based on faulty strategies and then give up doing business in a foreign country based on the erroneous experience they have gained.

There is a fact that many companies are eliminated from large tenders because they misinterpret the tender specifications and prepare incorrect documents. To prevent this, it is necessary to ensure that parties who speak different languages understand each other at the maximum level and accurately. To prevent misinterpretations and ensure error-free tender documentation, QANAQ provides "tender specification consultancy" to companies in the specification consultancy phase, helping to prevent further expenses in the future.

Would you like to receive consultancy services for tender documents used in a foreign country?

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