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Import & Export

Import and export consultancy is a specialized service that provides guidance and support to businesses involved in cross-border trade.

QANAQ strives to work exclusively with companies that are serious about their business and offers professional consultancy services on a variety of topics, including researching the appropriate country for your company's foreign trade transactions, identifying suitable business models for that country, monitoring legal procedures in foreign countries, researching distributors, agents, and buyers, supervising and reporting commercial activities, providing guidance on tax and customs exemptions, offering consultancy on partnership and company models, managing license and permit applications, protecting trademark and patent rights, overseeing liquidation processes, participating in fairs and events, and representing clients in related matters.

In the process of conducting import-export transactions, we come across different trade models such as distribution, agency, ownership of licensing rights, and buying and selling.

Other models such as subcontracting, partnership, financial leasing, and renting can also be associated with these processes.

QANAQ collaborates with its professional partner in multiple countries to guide your company in determining the most suitable import-export transaction model and provides consultancy to minimize your risks.

Together with our local partners in the target country and other international partners, we offer services in the following areas and related topics for your company's foreign trade process:

Which  country is your target for foreign trade?

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