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Coffee Prices Expected to Rise Due to Deep Frost in Brazil

The time when coffee prices were at their highest was the previous time of deep frost, so experts expect record prices for coffee.

In 1994, a severe frost event in Brazilian coffee plantations, the world's largest exporter, caused retail prices to rise to a record high. July April futures began to pick up and peaked in July. In August according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price for consumers rose from $ 2.60 to a then-record $ 4.48. Another increase in 1997 caused futures to peak in May and retail prices to hit a new peak in August.

November May 2011 saw another big rise in futures prices, with consumer prices steadily rising to a record high of $ 6.07 in the year to November 2012.

This year's cold bite comes on top of container shipping delays and a drought that has damaged Brazil's 2021 crop, which is already short of supplies.


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