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We look for the clients want to renew, change  or develop their trade sector, have experience and awareness of investment , willing to invest in new areas&lands&sectors, open to differences, project oriented, want to add strength on his business and know legal difficulties in advance, open to finding new markets and seeking financial support, decided to invest in a new country  and leaders who are ambitious, determined, fast actionable, courageous, aware of their capacity.



Qanaq Consultancy exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.



We create a new identity for your business if you have the right contrast between our eyes.

The global leaders , senior managers, CEO’s , company owners, project managers, shareholders,non-profit sector representatives, academics, partners, producers, decision makers,  new beginners and all the actors in global commercial life are willing to well-know new opportunities, financial variables, rules, possibilities, rights, ethics, information, organizations, industries, invests, training methods, politics, security demands, crisis management, risks, future expectations, competitors performance, sustainability of the market, capacity , technological developments, trends, habits of local usage, balance of supply&demand, analyzes.

We allow you to see and evaluate the different sides of reality in advance and inform you about investment opportunities all over the world. We help you evaluate the risks in the legal process as well as the financial returns of your investment and business decisions, and discover new opportunities that you could not even imagine. We invite you to collaborate and come together with the right partners in the right investment & business. We help you with your own perspective & vision, but with better results different from yours, with solutions for your business and future that you have never thought of before.

For your business and your future, with your perspective&vision but with different results from yours.




Our mission is to search , create and make function prudent services for distinguished clients.

We help our customers and partners in their business and project transformation by optimizing their capital, real estate values and portfolio investments, meeting the needs of teams and project organizations with the right talent for excellence and creating awareness in their interactions with digital, cyber, industrial and financial systems.

The main purpose of each collaboration is building high value with the unity of purpose, optimizing risk prediction, power support in different areas.

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By combining professionalism in different fields skillfully, QanaQ will support the real life adaptation of all big or small business ideas in the world by committing to be in the right place and in the right partnership at the right time.

Globalization of financial markets, production, management, banking systems, branding, technology transfers, customer preferences,marketing strategies, logistic centers, transfer services, social responsibility projects, commercial rules, know-how archive, associations, public collaborations accompanied the acceleration of dexterity flow.

The QanaQ family aims to be one of the pioneering institutions that provide ideal service in terms of performance in ensuring the adaptation of the customers to the speed of the world as a third point of view and supporter in each area of these developments.

For this reason , we are determined to manage the process in cooperation with global & local experts  and organizations from all over the world.




QANAQ has own a huge family around the world in global relations and always we are proud of it.


We have different contacts and collaborations in each sectors. If there shall be an answer for any inquiries within the framework of our understanding of diversity, our mission is to find the answer as well as to confirm the reliability of the answer.We are aware that this is only possible with a large and reliable global network structure.

While creating our memberships in the global market, we make determinations by considering the sectors of the companies we serve.

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