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Francesca SPERTI 
Consultant -ITALY

Consultant- TURKIYE 

It is crucial for the main contractors and subcontractors participating in and intending to participate in public procurement to thoroughly examine foreign public procurement legislation and have a prior understanding of the potential issues they may encounter during the implementation of contracts.It is important to thoroughly review the tender specifications during the examination stage of projects implemented under FIDIC and before submitting a bid, as well as to carefully examine the impossibility conditions stipulated by the foreign country during the project implementation phase and any special agreement text provided by the employer organization, if applicable.

There are potential challenges awaiting companies that intend to engage in import and export to foreign countries. Often, these unfavorable scenarios are not taken into account, and companies initiate product sales in foreign markets without seeking strong consultancy services. Based on our experience, it has become clear that producers wishing to conduct import or export operations in foreign markets should always conduct thorough research on reliable distributors, buyers, or representatives before initiating the transaction process. Additionally, paying attention to details during product price comparisons is beneficial.

When providing consultancy services for construction and energy investment projects, we utilize the "comparative method." Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the investor or contractor and comparing the investment environment in a foreign country with another foreign country always helps our clients develop a more advantageous plan. Similarly, guiding domestic and foreign companies interested in participating in public tenders helps prevent wasted effort and time.

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As QANAQ, we provide services in foreign countries under the leadership of our partner companies, each with a minimum of 15 years of experience, who have carried out technical design and construction works for road, bridge, dam, tunnel, water supply, sewage, irrigation, port, airport, and superstructure projects. We offer services related to price research for construction project tenders, examination of specifications and documents, preparation of price proposals, subcontractor research, formation of joint ventures, design services, project supervision, progress payment tracking, site operations, regulatory compliance, and other technical matters.

Our expert partners are available to provide you with sufficient consultancy services regarding the standard contracts and bidding participation conditions for infrastructure and energy projects supported by development banks, both independently and in collaboration with international financial institutions.

Our design&engineering partners completed many roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railways, irrigation, waste-water, electricity, coastal structures and port docks, trailerdocks, backyard road connections, ro-ro ramp applications, master plan studies, implementation, inspection and environmental impact assessment services in many construction projects in mining transportation, where maritime transportation is widely used.

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Malgorzata SKAWINSKA
Consultant - POLAND 

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Maximilian BREITLIG 
Consultant - GERMANY  

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Consultant - UGANDA  

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Consultant - FLORIDA/GHANA

We provide consulting services to our clients on public procurement law and public-private partnerships legislation, which are applicable in many countries across Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. We work with multiple partners to offer expertise in this field.


In our view, our clients' import/export transactions of services or products in a foreign country should be carried out within a systematic program. We have observed that companies attempting to conduct business in a foreign country without professional consultancy services often incur losses and withdraw from the foreign market and tenders due to simple errors, especially when conducting transactions for the first time.

It is of significant importance to accurately identify our clients' needs in a foreign country and establish a roadmap together to address those needs.

We are a global consultancy firm provides specific services for national and multinational companies.

Our partners are fully experienced in their fields.

We are a well collaborated firm with trusted local partners and companies.

Akıntoyose SANDA 
Consultant - AFRICA 

What is our target ?

Creating commercial relations on trust basis

Consultant - POLAND 

Our target is to achive more success with our clients and to protect them from confusions aftereffects in foreign markets.

The easiest way to achieve success in commercial life is to learn from unsuccessful experiences and take necessary precautions in a timely manner. Most investors or trading companies settle for minimal success and fail to fully realize their true potential. If you don't have a reliable distributor with a successful track record in import and export transactions, it will take longer to achieve the desired success in the sales and marketing process. Maximizing the efficient use of your financial strength involves directing your equity investments towards the right projects and prioritizing the protection of your brand and other intellectual property rights.

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Consultant - SERBIA 

One of our company's main missions is to respond to the demand for developing foreign markets for factories in developing countries that produce in accordance with international standards. Our goal is to bring manufacturers together with reliable buyers who can engage in long-term trade in foreign countries, ensuring the continuity of trade and creating added value for both parties and our company. In the rapidly developing e-commerce market, the importance of verifying the reliability of sellers and buyers is increasing. To mitigate the damages caused by the negative market perception arising from the decrease in commercial trust in populous and less developed countries, more detailed research is required.

Board Member- TURKIYE 

Our experiences in foreign companies where we have served in our personal careers for many years have guided us to find more effective solutions for our customers who want to engage in trade in the market. Our numerous partners located in multiple countries have expertise in the import and export of construction materials, machinery, industrial equipment, and spare parts.


Consultant - UK 





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The number of companies aiming to export products to the European continent is increasing steadily. In a highly competitive market, the decision-making process of end consumers can be influenced by various factors. As e-commerce continues to break records, it is essential for sellers and buyers to develop a marketing strategy that complies with the legislation of the target country when entering the market. Legal changes regarding advertisements may not be sufficient to prevent unfair competition, but for sellers who consciously develop a marketing strategy, selling through e-commerce channels in the European market is truly advantageous. Data indicates that the entry of products manufactured in developing countries into the European market is increasing, and the market continues to grow.

Matija JAMNIK 
Consultant- SLOVENIA 

During our international research, we  learned that factors influencing price differentials in export transactions are often directed unconsciously. While the impact of logistics costs on prices is expected to be immediately felt, we observe that foreign buyers resist reflecting local market speculation in export prices and it takes time for them to accept it. In our collaboration with international transportation and logistics companies, we emphasize the importance of finding local business partners who have similar capacities and comparable or close working standards.

Onur Can TOKA 
Consultant - TURKIYE 


Additionally, we provide consulting services to customs brokerage firms regarding the customs regulations of foreign countries. We assist them in navigating the intricacies of customs procedures, minimizing customs clearance costs, and mitigating the risks associated with customs offenses. Our goal is to ensure that our clients do not incur any financial losses due to customs-related issues and provide them with the necessary support to comply with the customs regulations of foreign countries effectively.

We provide support to our clients in avoiding potential challenges they may encounter in foreign countries by conducting market research, foreign partner or distributor investigations, preparing detailed reports on currency transfers, logistics, and electronic sales channels related to their international trade transactions. These reports aim to assist our clients in navigating the complexities of foreign markets and make informed decisions to mitigate any potential issues they may face.

Emre TOKA 
Consultant- TURKIYE 



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eylül SİYAH BEYZ.jpg

Consultant -MALAYSIA 

Consultant - TURKIYE 



Benin and Côte d'Ivoire have been chosen as the inaugural countries to showcase the facilities of the African Development Bank's African Green Bank. The African Development Bank is preparing to launch its first green finance facilities in these countries as part of its African Green Bank initiative. La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations du Bénin (CDC Benin) and the Ivorian National Investment Bank (BNI) have been selected as the hosting institutions for these facilities. This initiative, which was launched in November of the previous year, aims to assist African nations in fulfilling their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


The African Development Bank is placing significant emphasis on energy efficiency as it invests in the energy sector to facilitate the transition. Over the past decade, the bank has significantly increased its support for energy efficiency policies in Africa. Governments and the private sector receive assistance through the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), which was established in 2011. Furthermore, the bank actively promotes the establishment of specialized institutions called Super Energy Service Companies (Super ESCOs) to accelerate the achievement of energy efficiency objectives.



Serbia successfully commences its inaugural 450 MW renewables auction, incorporating assistance from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Serbia has unveiled its inaugural renewable energy auction, marking a significant milestone in the country's clean energy sector. The auction will support wind power projects with a combined capacity of 400 MW and solar photovoltaic (PV) projects with a total capacity of 50 MW. These projects will benefit from a 15-year contract for difference.


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